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London, England
When Margo and Francesco Marrone were expecting their daughter eight years ago, their attention turned to toiletries and baby products after reading an article on toxicity and skincare by Professor Samuel Epstein.

With a background in pharmacy and homeopathy, Margo was immediately sensitive to the ingredients list in a lot of products available on the market and was shocked by the amount of known toxins such as sodium lauryl sulphate and talc commonly used in cosmetics, skincare and household products. This spurred them to start The Organic Pharmacy, dedicated to herbs, homeopathy and organic skincare. Based in King's Road in London, their products can now by found in shops worldwide including Cyprus, Denmark and Taiwan. Other than the high quality of ingredients, The Organic Pharmacy does not use any artificial preservatives, fragrances, and colourants, and their products are not tested for animals. The result is a series of gentle and natural skincare formulated for different skin types.

My personal favourites are Carrot and Butter Cleanser, Rose Facial Spritz and Manuka Face Cream. Other equally wholesome offerings include hair and body products, diet supplements and homeopathic tinctures.

Text & Photo: Naive

The Organic Pharmacy Skincare

Besides their product range do check out the very informative "Ingredients" section.

The Organic Pharmacy Skincare