Berlin, Germany / June, 2008

Beinghunted was started as my personal blog in 2001 - a time when news on the subjects I was interested in was almost non-exsistent. By collecting information I created my own source and archive. Through a great group of like-minded friends from all corners of the world, Beinghunted grew quite rapidly and developed into an online magazine.

With the "Features" section Beinghunted established magazine-style editorials on the web, with the store and gallery reviews we enabled people to visit and experience spaces and events they were not able to see otherwise.

Beinghunted has certainly played a major influence in establishing the groundworks for today's "news culture".

In order to find out what Beinghunted is about, how it started and what else we have been working on, I am very happy to finally launch this "About" section. More content will be added gradually - and especially the "Press" and "Projects" section will be expanded within the next weeks.

If you have questions regarding our editorial work or our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form HERE directly.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support!

Jörg Haas / Publisher

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Jörg Haas

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