Beinghunted a celebration of football, to the celebration of Brazilian football, Brazilian culture, Brazilian sports tradition!

The game of football is played around the world. As a professional sport in huge stadiums or as a recreational activity just anywhere where there is space available. Thus there are two stories to be told. With Joga Bonito Nike tells us many stories, about football, about people, about culture.

One of the most succesful and also most beloved teams in the world is that of Brazil. While their athletic skills have brought Brazil five World Championship titles ('58, '62, '70, '90, '02) it is this special style, this playful and joyful treatment of the ball which is admired and revered around the globe.

Joga Bonito provides us with a view on the cultural roots of Brazilian football and sports heritage as interpreted and documented by a group of diverse individuals from the fields of art, music, and, of course, sports.

Beinghunted was invited to accompany Joga Bonito in its new arena in Berlin, Germany – host to the 2006 Football Wold Cup. Over the following weeks, our featured presentation will grow steadily with new content on the various aspects of Joga Bonito. In our first segment we are visiting the location in Berlin, we'll show the set-up stages and we are taking a closer look at the products launched at the opening.

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Enjoy and play beautiful!