Ben Drury - Trust Me London at Beneath
Stockholm, Sweden
A few weeks ago, Beneath hosted the launch of the Nike "Air You Breathe" collection at their store in Stockholm. As the highlight Ben Drury - one of the contributing designers - was invited to exhibit a selection of his current works, the theme of which he had transferred onto the Air Max sneaker and clothing for Nike.

"Trust Me London" is the title of the show and the subject is one that Ben has been occupied with for some time now: London pirate radio. Even though pirate radio in London has been the driving force behind new and evolving music styles for decades, it has never seen any type of visual representation. While every obscure new label, club night, band, DJ, and - nowadays also - website features some sort of key visual or (even) corporate design, pirate radio lacks just that: graphics.

The first part of our feature on Ben Drury serves as an introduction and shows examples of his works from the exhibition at Beneath in Stockholm: blown-up black and white photographs of radio antennas in various surroundings as well as posters and prints. In our second part we will talk to Ben to get a better understanding for his inspiration and the development of this particular subject through his designs.

A very special thanks to Beneath for the hospitality!

Text: Jörg Haas | Images: © BGHD
Ben Drury - Trust Me London / Beneath
Beneath: Kronobergsgatan 37, Stockholm, Sweden