Please give us a brief introduction - who you are, what you do, and for how long you've been doing what you're doing...

Paul Mittleman, creative director for Stüssy, What I am doing I am doing today, but I started my path around '85...

We are talking about sneakers in this interview - is that a subject you like to talk about in general?

I talk about sneakers, it's part of my life and job. You cannot avoid the subject. Sneakers are a very big part of street culture. Love them or hate them every one wears them.

Who is your favourite person to talk to in regards to sneakers?

My dog, it's hard telling him not to eat the good ones. But, I have interesting conversations with lots of people about shoes.
Stüssy & Nike // World Tour

Congratulations to you for an excellent World Tour series this year. How did you manage to work with over 40 artists and stay sane?

I have not stayed sane, it has been very hard. But very good. Everyone was super cool. Adam Wiessman and myself worked in a very organic way. It all just unfolded. It had its bumps but we made it up as we went. No big meetings and roundtables, we just did it all very low key.

And Stüssy's World Wide network all helped out a great deal. We have a great team at Stüssy.

...and then this Nike project? While other people/companies struggle with one model you chose... three?! Why so many?

I liked the idea of doing a Dunk, it seemed like a good time again. I want to wear Dunks again. The Free Trail 5.0 is a great shoe that has been overlooked. And the Chop (aka Tainer Dunk Low) is just dope.

The Dunk sells, the Free needs to be give the respect it needs. And the Chop is the future, a remixed classic.