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"I tread a very thin line between reality and madness, and am accepting of that - as long as I try to minimise the casualty rate along the way." - UNKLE are back!

Running the gauntlet through east London can be 'character building' at the best of times - then to find you're right next to a Hells Angels club, bundled into a dodgy pub with the full UNKLE crew, you know it 's going to be memorable. It's always great to see James and Richard - in the interview they bare their souls about the new album, life in general, and the dark places they have been since 'Never, Never Land'.

Our UNKLE Feature is split into two parts: Part I - James Lavelle. Part II - James Lavelle c'td and Richard File plus our great UNKLE Competition. Access to this part and the competition is exclusive to the The-Glade newsletter subscribers who will receive the password on December 3rd.

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Thanks to James and Richard for the interview. And now - enjoy the interviews and Good Luck with the competition!