Beinghunted - Nike x Stüssy x Neighborhood - Boneyards
Beinghunted - Nike x Stüssy x Neighborhood - Boneyards
Boneyards - Introduction
Taking name and inspiration from a secret surf spot in San Pedro, California, known for its biker clubs and its punk rock, surfing and skateboarding history, Nike, Stüssy and Neighborhood present the Boneyards footwear collection. The partnership, which has been over a year and a half in the making centers around two of Nike's basketball legends, the Nike Blazer and the Nike Terminator.

Nike x Neighborhood x StÜssy - Blazer
Released in 1973, the Nike Blazer took its name from the Portland Trail Blazers; as Nike's first basketball shoe, it proved worthy of its name. A welcomed departure from its more clunky counterparts of the time, the Nike Blazer offered several features designed to improve performance basketball footwear for the game: fine grain leather, outsoles that offered greater traction, extra support, less weight. It wasn't long before the simple white hi-tops with the elongated swoosh became de rigueur on and off the court.

For the Boneyards project, Stüssy transformed the Nike Blazer to provide for a rougher outlook to represent the Boneyards attitude, complementing the collection of apparel
and accessories:

"Being important to be on the harder, darker side, colorways were based around a black foundation with color pops" said Paul Mittleman. The shoes - in red, blue, and white - reference colors similar to the Nike Jordan 1, the basketball icon that was adopted by the skate community in the 80s, a palette now known as signature Nike colors.

Shinsuke Takizawa + Paul Mittleman + Fraser Cooke
In Part 2 of our Boneyards feature, we sat down with Shinsuke Takizawa from Neighborhood, Paul Mittleman from Stüssy and Fraser Cooke from Nike for an interview to further investigage the Boneyards project, the inspiration and workflow for the sneakers and various other subjects.

Nike x Neighborhood x StÜssy - Terminator
It was 1985 and the Georgetown Hoyas weren't budging. It was going to take something special to get the college basketball powerhouse out of their current Nike shoe, the Legend. The way they saw it, it was part of their look, their reputation. That was until Nike showed them the Terminator, a shoe that commanded attention in every way. They loved it. Naturally, so did all the other Division 1 teams who were soon clamoring for their own team shoe.

The Boneyards Terminator was styled by Neighborhood featuring premium leather in three classic Neighborhood color-schemes. black/black - black/white - black/royal blue.

rElease date
The Nike x Neighborhood x Stüssy Boneyards Blazer was on June 21st. The Boneyards Terminator is on sale in Asia/Pacific right now and scheduled to be released in the rest of the world on August 23rd.

In Germany, the Nike x Neighborhood x Stüssy shoes will be available from our shop FIRMAMENT exclusively.