Solebox + Beinghunted x New Balance.
Berlin & Munich, Germany
"The Great Outdoors" is the theme for Solebox and Beinghunted's own version of the 575 recently released by New Balance. The theme suggests what this shoe is all about - spending time outdoors.

While nowadays the design of outdoor apparel and footwear is dominated by the use of high-tech fibers, our concept was to apply to the shoes only traditional, well-tried materials such as cotton, linen, sheepskin, and various types of leathers.

For the actual design of our 575s we chose to distinguish between two general characteristics of outdoors acitivities: military and civilian. Our aim was to establish two very distinct and diverse fields which through the design could easily be identfied on both versions.

The third aspect that we took into account for the Solebox + Beinghunted collaboration was to incorporate an individual element that would directly refer to the members involved. For the military 575, Hikmet from Solebox personally picked the "Strichtarn" fabric, a camouflage used by the former East-German armed forces. This original camouflage fabric was bought in Berlin (East, formerly GDR) and then shipped over to the NB factory to be used on the shoes. For the civilan 575, Jörg from Beinhunted chose a Gingham-patterned fabric which is a common element in the Southern-German attire. Beinghunted's roots lie in Munich and this is also where the fabric was bought. Both patterns provide for a clear distinction between the two fields the two shoes refer to.

The release of the Solebox + Beinghunted 575 will take place in two stages: stage 1 will see the launch of the military 575 by Solebox at the end of January. After an initial phase of in-store only sales they will then be available through the Solebox website, also. Approximately one month later, the civilian, the Beinghunted version will be launched through The-Glade.

Text: BGHD | Images: © Beinghunted
Beinghunted New Balance 575

Produced quantity: 60 pairs per style

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