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A great percentage of business these days is conducted over the internet. Goods are exchanged with people never having met in person. Even though one converses via eMail or online chat, even though one knows the opposite's name and address there is still a great deal of anonymity. Who is this person who runs that 'cool' shop? Who are these folks who do this magazine? Why does that label refer to 'oldschool' and where do their graphic references come from? Are those 'dudes' really 'street & hip-hop' or were they running around with bunny back-packs and Dr. Seuss hats two years ago? Why did that label change from 'cute & cuddly' to 'skulls & Nazi' all of a sudden?

All it needs is a mention on a blog, a few threads on a 'cool guys' forum - and, boom, you're in?

Crooks & Castles contacted us with a preview of their coming collection for fall 2006. A well shot, well laid-out catalogue with some undeniably great looking and relevant graphics. The studio shots of the 'models' were clean and provide for a good impression of what to expect from the actual clothing. The image and the roots of the label are apparent and when visiting Crooks & Castles website one also gets a good idea of their brand philosophy.

What we were missing, though, from the .pdf was seeing the clothing in the street, whether those guys were (for) 'real'. So Dennis sent his crew out to take some live shots in LA. Now, we still haven't met in person - but those pictures look pretty authentic. And, as it turns out, the guys in the studio aren't 'models' but the C & C crew members.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing the new line in the flesh in a few months and we'll definitely try to also meet the crew in person!

Text: BGHD | Images: © Crooks & Castles
Crooks And Castles

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