Women's clothing - that's a tough call... this field is just too broad, there are too many brands, too many different styles, and an insane turnover of products on a daily basis. Other than venturing out into the unknown, we'll just take a short-cut and stick with a name that has been around for over a decade: x-girl.

Established by Sonic Youth's lead singer Kim Gordon, x-girl set out to provide girls with clothing that carried the sprit of hip-hop inspired brands such as its sister label X-Large or skate emporium Supreme - a neighbor to the first x-girl store on Lafayette Street in the mid 1990s. With a strong visual identity, created by graphic mastermind Mike Mills, and its close ties to the independent music scene the brand soon gained cult-like status, especially in Japan.

After a few years of absence - the store had closed and the brand was licensed to a Japanese company - x-girl returned to New York in 2002 with the same creative energy and style as before.

xgLA is a new project by x-girl's LA chapter, "a line for sophisticated, fashion-conscious women who used to love X-girl when they were teens."

Find out about "Prince in a Castle", xgLA's first collection, on their website or by checking out their pieces at their retail locations and online.

Text: BGHD | Images: © xgLA

xgLA is available from various shops in the US and online from Naive.