London, UK
Answer has built a solid reputation for creative T-shirt designs as well als premium-quality pieces of apparel. They have been working with acclaimed and famous designers, their output has always been far from 'the usual'.

Other than going the easy route, putting out the easy-to-like graphics, issuing one easy logo shirt after the other, Answer has constantly been swimming against the stream. Whenever we thought 'how odd do they get?', or 'this will never sell!' Answer proved us wrong. People are buying their T-shirts and often it's those odd graphics which sell the best.

The latest collection - ready to be shipped to retailers shortly - is no exception. "Silent Listener" or "Black Metal Mask" are our current favourites from the series. It is the artistic value for one, but more the fact that these are not 'easy' graphics, not easily consumed...

Answer's approach towards designing or chosing grahpics for their T-shirts seems like they are curating an art show - for a very progressive gallery that is.

A big thanks to Answer for always surprising us and for keeping in mind that people over the age of 16 also like wearing T-shirts.

Text: JH | All designs: © Answer
Monsieur André

The new line by Answer will be available from selected retailers shortly.