Plan B: Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
London, UK

Plan B otherwise known as Ben Drew from infamous Forest Gate in east London has managed to tap into a raw nerve pulsating through UK society although the topics are applicable throughout the world. First brought to our attention in 2004 by Craig Ford (BWS Manager, London), who was fizzing with praise for this kid he had seen delivering inner city poetry with such vigour and intensity the audience was stunned into silence.

Drew's music career started singing Timberlake-style harmonies at various community halls around east London, until one day: "I thought, fuck this sweet-boy shit, it's time for plan B". The name was decided, and the Grime MC delivery too. So, back to his bedroom he went to perfect his guitar playing and the rhymes came flooding out.

"Sick To Def" appeared on "Run The Road 2" in 2005, sending shockwaves throughout the UK hip-hop fraternity, and creating a high level of anticipation for his album.

On June the 26th, "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words" is released. With more alter egos than Eminem, who he has been likened to, Plan B rhymes about a crack-head step dad, a murder in reverse motion, underage sex, as well as his view on kids today. And that's just four tracks worth.

Uncompromising, unrelenting, and stark - Plan B combines acoustic elegance with hip-hop rhythms, and brutal topics - be prepared for an education in inner city life.

Text: Adrian J W Darby| Images: © Plan B
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Ben Drew / Plan B: "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words" is released on June 26th on 679 Recordings
679 Recordings

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