Mekanism / Katharina Grosse
Paris, France
As the world seems to be getting smaller, the views narrower, the names fewer, the interests more universal it is rather difficult to find a project or product that will actually capture one's imagination and, respectively, the company that would take the risk of investing time and money into something a bit more abstract.

French skateboard brand Mekanism is such a company. They don't limit themselves to the pool of the 'regulars' but introduce and invite artists and designers which have been very active creatively, but in a different field or 'scene' so to say.

German artist Katharina Grosse might not be too familiar to most, as she has been working and building her reputation in an artworld that is quite distant from the graf/street/urban genre. A world which is, by the way, well worth venturing into! That's why we decided not to give much background on Katharina Grosse but only some facts about the project with Mekanism. A quick search online will provide you with enough literature and background information for hours.

If you like what you find out about her and if you find Katharina Grosse's art appealing then you might even want to consider getting a piece by her. Mekanism gives you a chance to do so with their set of 100 decks which Katharina hand-spray-painted. They are available from today and they will go fast, that's for sure.

Text: BGHD | Images: © Mekanism & K. Grosse / VG Bild-Kunst
Mekanism & Katharina Grosse

100 pcs. produced; available from JRQJD and The-Glade