Proud 2bea Sticker
Bologna, Italy
Mat. took his time for the second book in his "Proud 2bea" series. But the result is definitely well worth the wait.

After two years in the making, he will be presenting his newest publication at the "Welcome To My House" fashion trade show - as part of Pitti Imagine Uomo - at Florence, June 21st. The book launch, hosted by SlamJam, will be accompanied by an exhibition of some of the highlights from the book.

So what is this book about? Stickers, of course. As before with his flyer collection, Mat. contacted only the most influential brands and individuals to provide him with decals from the past and present. Who answered his call - take a look at the Proud 2bea Sticker family tree which provides for a graphic overview. You will be impressed!

We'll leave you with a quote from the introduction by Andy Holmes and show you a few preview pictures from the production.

"Stickers are a joyous thing, a simple pleasure. I was drawn to these visual treats at an early age; chasing "Humphries" stickers from the milkman for my first bike. I wish I had an example to show you but i stuck every one i got; lesson learnt. At a tender age i realised a good sticker was hard to find...and that just being a sticker wasn't enough. The love was there but the treasure was already elusive..."

Text: BGHD | Images: © Mat.
Mat. - Proud 2bea Sticker

Proud 2bea Sticker: 240 pages, English/Japanese, release: June '06, 5000 copies, launch at the SlamJam area at:
Welcome To My House

Proud 2bea Sticker will be available worldwide at a selection of retailers.

Watch out for the ltd. edition SlamJam / Fergadelic sticker sheet...