SlamJam, Verona
Verona, Italy
While in many fashion capitals upscale retailers are now converted ice-cream parlors it seems as if the Italians, the godfathers of the cool and sweet, have overslept this renewal phase.

Instead of day-glow colors and kindergarden graphics, SlamJam stays true to the legacy of subtle, minimalistic interiors. Their recently opened retail space in Verona features wooden floors, high and open ceilings and muted colors for the walls. As with their stores in Ferrara and Milan, SlamJam Verona is following one objective - to present the merchandise in an environment which provides for the right atmosphere but does not distract.

This store sets new standards and we're definitely looking forward to seeing the new SlamJam HQ in Ferrara which has been in the making for some time now, too.

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Brands - female
Comme Comme, Repetto, Silas and Maria, Tao / Comme des Garçons, Tsumori Chisato, Zucca, Undercover

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Acronym, adidas, Goodenough, Head Porter, iDiom, Kris van Assche, Neighborhood, Nike, Resonate, Soph, Undercover, Unrivaled, Visvim, w)taps.

Text: BGHD | Images: © SlamJam
Mekanism & Katharina Grosse

SlamJam Verona: via Quattro Spade 18/A