Yuhzimi: Victorinox Pocket Knives
Bern, Switzerland
Maybe this is a European 'thing', but over here one cannot survive without a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. The person who probably relies the most on one is my dad. You will never - and I mean ever - catch him without one in his pocket.

I must agree, this miniature tool comes in handy in the oddest of situations. One of my nicer experiences was when we helped a good friend move into his new apartment. At the end of the day - with the kitchen still packed in a handful of boxes - we ordered pizza and a bottle of wine. I assume you already know where this is going. Pizza and wine arrive. Pizza is ready to eat, wine is trapped in bottle. Where to find the corkscrew? In my dad's Victorniox, of course. As with electronics these days, you just need to keep in mind that you have these devices and, more importantly, what you can do with them!

Swiss army knives have been popular as souvenirs from Switzerland for decades. Every teenage boy has one (or wants one), women have the smaller versions in their bags, you keep one in the kitchen, in the car, anywhere where you could possibly use one, and, sure enough, your pocket.

For the Urban Survivor, Yuhzimi from Bern, Switzerland, has created a set of Victorinox knives that will get even more people to want (and have) one. Even though the knives are valuable as they are, Yuhzimi chose to have them sublimated. Fafi, WK Interact, and Hardy Blechman/Maharishi took the little space they had on those knives and created three superb looking 'designer' versions of this pocket knife slash tool.

The series is called "Urban Survivor", features a custom-made chain with tag and comes in a special box.

Not that my dad would take notice of any of that... but then, I guess, he's not the one these are intended for, either...

Text: Jörg Haas | Images: © R. Andreoli
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The "Urban Survivor" knives by Yuhzimi and Victorinox are produced in a quantity of 200 per design and will be available from selected retailers worldwide within the next 2 weeks.