The Gigablaster at Someday
Melbourne, Australia
Ben took some time off from his regular design job to prepare for his new art show hosted by PAM's gallery Someday in Melbourne Australia.

After weeks of screenprinting in his studio in London, Ben packed everything up and flew across the globe to take up a short-term residency at Misha and Shauna's home. He didn't stop working there, though. Together with Misha the two of them created (and are probably still at it) even more new artworks.

Try catching Ben's show The Gigablaster until August 13th at Someday!

Text: JH | Flyer: © B. Sansbury / Someday
The Gigablaster

Ben Sansbury: The Gigablaster at Someday, Level 3 Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000. July 20th - August 13th.