Surrender & Neighborhood
Singapore & Tokyo, Japan
Ever thought about what archaeologists might find in 500 years when they search for an ancient society from around 2000 AD? And - if they find anything at all - what they would think of us...

Just imagine they would actually find a single pair of these new Surrender & Neighborhood jeans. Denim of the highest quality, destroyed and then patched up again. Maybe they would take it for an individual pair, heavily worn by its owner who did not want to part with it but instead patched it up again. Now why this person did not have it done profesionally but in a rather crude manner would probably stay a secret to them.

What then would scientists make of it if they were to find another pair of these...? Damaged at the same exact spots, repaired in the same exact way - same patches, same yarn... with the same exact wear-pattern, too... found maybe thousands of miles away from the first pair?

And what if they are really luck and find the rest of the 98 pairs produced...

Text: BGHD | Images: © Surrender
Surrender & Neighborhood

Surrender & Neighborhood Denim: 100 pcs. produced; available instore only at Surrender Singapore from August 5th; price: ~ US$ 580.