Trust Me London - Ben Drury at Beneath

Stockholm, Sweden
Leaving the negative ecological effects aside - cheap air fares are a blessing. You can finally afford to step outside of the digital domain and see - in the flesh - what you are reading about on the internet. Or what you have been seeing in books, magazines, or on your record and CD covers during the past ten-or-so years.

We're not sure yet, what Ben Drury will be showing at his upcoming show in Stockholm but it's pretty certain that you'll be getting some great design for your money.

If that's not enough, consider this: there is a whole city surrounding Beneath's gallery/retail space. You can step out and venture around a bit more. Stockholm is one of the nicest cities to hang out in the summertime!

See you there!

Text: BGHD | Flyer: © Ben Drury / Beneath

Ben Drury at Beneath

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