Burton [ak] 2L Gore-Tex® Half Life

Burlington, USA
This new Burton [ak] 2L Gore-Tex® jacket is a true treasure - hidden in their current catalogue. You can catch glimpses of it in various images - action shots - but the person wearing it is always somewhere in the background, or you'll see it packed into a bag, thrown over furniture, always a bit blurry...

Even on the product page you'll only see the jacket pictured in a relatively normal colorway and just a tiny thumbnail tells you that it is also available in this color halftone print.

While the catalogue didn't provide for more details on this particular print, visiting Burton's website proves to be more fruitful. All of their current styles can be viewed in the various colors and prints. However, and we all know this, seeing a 72 dpi jpg is one thing, seeing a product in 'the flesh' another.

And the Half Life print is definitely another sight altogether!

In four-color print, images are composed of colored dots in the four colors - cyan, magenta, yellow, black - in varying sizes and distribution across the picture. At the usual size of a CMYK image the eye will not recognize these dots but only visualize the 'complete' picture. What Burton has done for this print is to convert an image into CMYK and then magnify it so that the dots are to be seen as circles,rendering the actual image unrecognizable.

Besides all these technicalities - this jacket/this print is the absolute highlight in outerwear this year. If you are looking to take a break from black and white, grey, or navy, here is your alternative.

A jacket you will be looking at in 10 years - with a smile on your face!

Text: JH | Photos: © Burton & Beinghunted

[ak] 2L Half Life

The new Burton [ak] 2L Gore-Tex® Half Life jacket is available now from select Burton dealers worldwide.

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