Loud Graphix , Berlin
Berlin, Germany
From May 12th until the 27th, Loud Graphix welcomes you to Berlin. This festival, which has been in the making for almost two years now, focuses on the relationship between music and graphic design especially in the context of recent changes - namely the growth of digital distribution channels and its effects on the creative industry.

Loud Graphix will be a showcase of influential examples for design in/and music and will provide for panel discussions of representatives from the respective areas.

Delta from Amsterdam, Jutojo from Berlin, and Mitch from London are only three of the many creatives who have been invited to show their works in Berlin. Some of the artists involved will also be part of or moderate the accompanying discussion rounds during the festival.

Sure enough, there will be plenty of music and parties to attend, besides the graphic input and talks. For the full line-up, schedule, and locations, do visit the Loud Graphix website which will be updated regularely.

Mode2, Dirk Rumpff, and Atilano González, the three initiators of Loud Graphix, have brought together a huge line-up of internationally acclaimed artists and musicians - so this festival will surely be a highlight this year.

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Loud Graphix, Berlin

Loud Graphix, Berlin: May 12th - 27th at Falckensteinstr. 47. Parties at Club 103 & Café Moskau.

Loud Graphix