Visvim E-Cat Messenger Bag et al.
Berlin, Germany
We have been following and observing Visvim's development for a very long time now and the progression this brand has seen over the years is truly amazing. Visvim's expansion from a niche footwear producer to a fully-grown lifestyle label took off at an impressive speed.

Apart from the fast growth it is the level of quality in Visvim's designs that does not stop to amaze us. Every piece in each of the company's many collections bears the same uncompromising aesthetic. With your eyes closed you could pick one piece from any category - footwear, denim, tops, jackets, bags, accessories - combine it all and look your best without 'overdoing' it.

The current line of bags is yet another example of the fine balance between functionality and subtle design details that Visvim has handled so masterfully in the past. Solid colors, solid construction, tasteful design elements - all nicely packaged (literally).

With the growth of the brand and the new focus on the American market, Visvim appears to be headed towards a crossroads, though. Maybe the brand has already passed it, too, and is taking various paths at the same time: the younger, more playful and experimental direction towards the US, the more upscale and refined route that leads to the F.I.L. stores, as well as to friends and neighboring labels, and a third route whose characteristics we have yet to fully grasp: new logo, 'more' where there was 'less', 'less' where there was 'more', apparel vs. footwear...

The new season has already begun and it will be interesting to see the reactions along Visvim's new routes.

Text: Jörg Haas | Photos: © Firmament. All rights reserved.
Visvim E-Cat Messenger Bag

The last items of Visvim's spring/summer line have just arrived in Europe. US accounts have received the first of their fall deliveries and in Japan the new fall/winter items have just found their way into the shops.

Visvim at Firmament (27.8.2007)
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