José Parlá - Memory Documents
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Genova, Italy    
José Parlá is back in Europe. Galleria Il Trifoglio Nero in Genova will open on March 29th with the show Memory Documents.

"I call my works 'Memory Documents' because they become fragments of places I've been through. I am not only using paint to create my paintings, but I am also collecting bits of paper from walls, old newspapers, chunks of materials from the street or subway stations to reuse as collage onto my own surfaces and rework them until the colours of mould, rust and deterioration are right for the composition. The process may take weeks or months." - José Parlá.

If you can make it to Genova for the opening reception, make sure to also check the aftershow party as Bobbito Garcia will be DJing.

Text: Beinghunted | Artwork: © José Parlá. All rights reserved.

José Parlá: Memory Documents
March 29th - May 10th

Galleria Il Trifoglio Nero
Pallazo Ducale
Piazza Matteotti 80 - 82r
Genova / Italy