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Berlin, Germany    
This triptych by design studio Blackjune was displayed at the skateboard exhibition "The Helping Hounds Of Hell" in Berlin and Hamburg back in February. The proceeds from the sales of the decks were donated to a charity project in Senegal, West Africa.

There have been hundreds of skateboard-related art shows in recent years. But since our reports on the exhibitions organized by our friends at Alena in Montreal a few years back, we haven't really seen too many new things done with skateboard decks. Thus it was a big surprise to find this triptych. Not only is the design perfectly balanced and tuned to the format of the decks the craftsmanship is also immaculate.

A great piece to demonstrate that there is still room for innovation in skateboard art.

Text: Beinghunted | Photos: © Blackjune. All rights reserved.

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