Printed Matter Pt.2 - Liebling
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Berlin, Germany    
Liebling Magazine was started by good friends of ours in Berlin not too long ago. At first glance Liebling is miles away from doing it 'right' as a fashion/lifestyle magazine.

Firstly, the format is simply huge - almost double the size of your regular magazine. Does this make sense as it might be a bit difficult to handle...? But then we are all fully capable of holding a newspaper while balancing a cup of coffee in the rush-hour traffic, too.

Secondly, the paper. Would you want to see high-end lifestyle products and fashion on rough, matte grey? Yes, you do! The photos appear more natural in a way. Not as clinical, artificial, museum-like as we are used to seeing them on glossy stock. There is more feel to them.

Thirdly the price. Go and find a magazine from this genre that sells for EUR 2,80. Let us know when you have found one.
  Those three mentioned aspects of Liebling set it apart from the rest of the lifestyle media - by quite a distance. Doing things 'differently' however, they are, indeed doing everything 'right':

Liebling appears to be more approachable, easier to consume. In German we would say "ungezwungen" - "at ease" or "uncoerced" could be the English terms. You simply pick it up, read it, fold it, stash it in your backpack and be on your way. While the packaging might be low-key, the contents truly are not. Take a look at our slides for a few example pages from the current issue.

Text: Beinghunted | Photos: © Beinghunted. All rights reserved.

Liebling Magazine is available from newsstands and bookstores in Germany. You can subscribe on their website:

Liebling Zeitung