N°74 Store
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Berlin, Germany    
The building that the new adidas conceptstore N°74 occupies is one of those typcial run-down structures that are still around in the heart of Berlin Mitte. They have become scarce, though, as the latest boom in real estate has seen a lot of renovations and re-building.

N°74's approach is to keep the old outside and update the inside to provide for a rather striking effect. By entering the store the customer leaves the heavy traffic, the rough and dirty street to find the complete opposite inside. A well-lit interior, a delicate installation and high-end products. Besides the fact that the building is tagged and dirty, it also seems like a relic from former "GDR" times.

We're looking forward to seeing N°74 evlove over the coming months. Hopefully, the façade will be kept as-is.

Text: Beinghunted | Photos: © adidas. All rights reserved.

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