Original Fake Gore-Tex Jacket
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Tokyo, Japan    

Over a period of 10+ years, Kaws has taken his art into many different fields - painting & design, interiors, sculpture, animation, and - of course - also footwear and apparel. While before Kaws' designs were used for prints and graphics on already 'designed' pieces (we all remember the DC Artists series sneakers, Undercover prints, or the *A Bathing Ape camo), with Original Fake Kaws and Medicom took up the task to create their own line of products.

They had to find a concept to transform the artistic ideas into products that would be able to stand up to/next to Kaws' highly rated art. What would/should a hooded sweatshirt look like? What details could be incorporated to make it 'Kaws'? How could a jacket be designed so it would be recognized as a part of an 'Original Fake' collection. In past seasons we have seen a sweatshirt that would serve as a disguise

  and let the wearer take the role of a Kaws character (the Companion) and there have been various interpretations of the Chompers teeth pattern. The best of which has just been released for spring/summer 2008: a new Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket.

This jacket might be the key piece in the collection. Not only are the technical aspects of the jacket acknowledgeable but the details - Chompers teeth zip and embroidery at the hem, as well as the cross-eyes on the hood - make it a perfect example of how an element of Kaws' art/design is perfectly transferred into a piece of clothing.

Text: Beinghunted | Photos: © Beinghunted. All rights reserved.

The Original Fake Gore-Tex Jacket is available from global stockists now.