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The best approach towards exploring your own city would be to take a few days off and book a room at a local hotel. Then pretend not to be at home and take the time to do all those things you never had time to do, to visit all the places you were never really that interested in... to see your hometown with different eyes.

Berlin.Unlike would be my online hometown city-guide for Berlin. One main aspect why I trust this online publication is because I know and trust the people who operate it, who participate in it. In many ways we think alike - personally and in 'Beinghunted' terms I guess. So what better guide could there be than one by your friends?

One - if not the - coolest feature of Berlin.Unlike is the tour section where a selected group of people were (and are) asked to pick their hotspots in the city. These spots are then connected to take you from location to location on one route. Kostas' Berlin tour, for example, leads you from museums to influential galleries as well as known and not-so-known eateries and clubs all across the city.
  City guide? Yes, we've seen that. Asking celebs for their favourite hang-outs? Been there, seen that. You print out the stuff, you mark your Baedeker but once you're in the city you notice that you actually left it all on your desk at home. So you start again, from scratch, ask around, ask your friends - and when you're back home you notice that you missed half of the good stuff.

So, how about doing all of this digitally then? Setting up your own tour, or doing one for your friends who will be visiting. Transferring all the data onto your/their phone. You/they never seem to forget that little piece of...

Try Berlin.Unlike - you will actually find all these features. Only thing for me to do now is to get a better phone and take a couple of days off...

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