Joy Division - The Documentary
London, UK    
As a big fan of Joy Division, an invite to the premiere was warmly received, and the added chance to see and hear Peter Saville was a bonus.

The crowded auditorium of the world famous Art house, Curzon in Mayfair was peppered with the great and good from the music and fashion scenes. We said hi to Simon Porter from Stussy, and saw Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream along with members from The Buzzcocks, one of the biggest punk bands in the 70s.

Peter Saville buzzed around, and looked remarkably similar to how he looked back in the 70s and 80s - maybe he steered clear of too many hedonistic nights in the Hacienda way back then.

The film was introduced to a hushed audience, and then the documentary film began to the view of a bleak landscape of Manchester in the 70s, with an even bleaker soundtrack - Joy
  Division. Not to give away too much, but here they have bagged all the rare live footage, interviewed everyone involved, even Tony Wilson (R.I.P), and the ever illusive girlfriend of Ian Curtis, Annik Honore.

The whole piece still has the Saville style, and works on many levels, at the end the crowd clapped and cheered for a job extremely well done.

Then followed a Q&A session with the Director Grant Gee and Peter Saville, who talked about everything from the difficulties of licensing the footage, to design, and the future. This is a must see film, which opens from now onwards around the world - this is the last true story in pop, don't miss it.

Text: Adrian J W Darby | Photos: © A. Storvoll. All rights reserved.

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