Acronym V3.0  
Berlin/Munich, Germany - Brooklyn, USA    
The highly anticipated, long awaited and well overdue update of Acronym's website has just gone live.

Acronym took a couple of steps forward and compiled photos and data from all of their past collections. For the first time, users will be able to browse through the collections from 2005 up until today. Surely, opening up the archives might seem risky - even more so in Acronym's case as the products are displayed in full detail... only wearing it would bring you closer to the actual piece - enticing even more companies to take inspiration from Acronym's designs, to blatantly copy their designs 1:1 or to re-engineering their affiliate's technologies. However, there is no stopping this development anyway.
  Rather than hiding Acronym is 'showing' - everything they do and have done. It is up to the consumer to educate him/herself to be able to distinguish between a genuine innovation and a random design feature with no technological relevance - design / development / engineering vs. styling!

To learn more about Acronym's new Shadow project for Stone Island and for an interview with Michaela and Errolson, also pick up the latest issue of Qvest magazine.

Text: Beinghunted | Logo: © Acronym. All rights reserved.

The new Acronym website will be updated regularely with the latest collections. The upcoming fall/winter line will be available from October/November.