Stone Island Shadow SS 2009
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Berlin, Germany    
As a retailer one gets to see new products almost half a year before they are being delivered. A good thing, of course, as it is always exciting and interesting to see what the designers have come up with for the coming season - another six months prior to the presentation. A look into the future, so to say, in regards to colors, cuts, materials, styles that people will be wearing.

The bad thing about it? Well, the same basically - that you see things early, as you have to wait for for six months after placing an order. You see, you 'want to have', of course.

But then, this bad feeling is quickly forgotten once that delivery has finally arrived.
  One of our most anticipated deliveries this season has just arrived - the new Spring/Summer collection from Stone Island Shadow. In this case we didn't make it to the showroom but had to rely on line-drawings and fabric swatches when placing the order for The-Glade & Firmament. Surely, we had a good consultant...

So, now it's time to take a look. And who could be better to present the new pieces than the designer himself - Errolson Hugh.

Thanks to Errolson for being our model, once again!

The first items from the Spring/Summer collection from Stone Island Shadow are now available at and Firmament.

Text: BGHD. | Photos: Jörg Haas / Beinghunted &
Model: Errolson Hugh / Acronym