SlamJam Studio - Paris, March 2009
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Paris, France    
I am not really that keen on attending fashion tradeshows. You never have enough time to see all the collections you are interested in, you constantly run into people but once you start a conversation someone else runs into you - relay! At the end of the day you've met dozens of people but haven't really spoken to anyone...

And forget about looking at products - it's worse than at H&M on a Saturday morning... you see a lot but you can't really process anything...

That's why I definitely prefer showrooms. You have an appointment with your sales-person, there is enough time to have a proper conversation, maybe even have coffee, and you can (in most cases)

take all the time you need to look at everything, ask about everything, even try on everything...

A few weeks ago we were in Paris to see Visvim - a highlight, for sure - and we were able to do all of the above. Visvim occupied the same space as (and were supported by) SlamJam last fall. This coming Friday I'm back in Paris, again at the SlamJam (temporary) Studio and I'm sure it'll be great. If you are in town - stop by, but don't forget to make that appointment to see:

Brands: Alife, Be Positive, Forfex, Marios, Perks And Mini, and Stüssy Deluxe (samples shown are from S/S 2009).

Please contact SlamJam if you would like to visit the temporary studio in Paris:


Text & Photos: Jörg Haas / Beinghunted