Firmament: Berlin Portraits
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Berlin, Germany    
Back in 2006, when we opened our store Firmament in Berlin, we started shooting our collections 'on' an/one actual person - in this case our good friend Errolson from Acronym. The feedback was great, and we kept it up for a year. Unfortunately, due to his and our busy schedules, these issues were set to 'hold' until now.

For Spring/Summer 2009 we have picked up this idea but extended it a bit further. Parallel to showing new clothing, we take this opportunity to introduce to you some of the people from Berlin. Friends, family interesting and creative people from all different sections that make up for (parts of) the city's culture & scene.

We begin with our series of portraits with Andreas Richter, an editor for Vice magazine and DJ. He tells us a bit about himself and - surely - gets to wear some great clothing from our latest addition to Firmament - Sophnet.

Thanks Andreas! Very brave to be the 'first'...
  Q & A - Andreas Richter

What is your occupation?
Editor/Journalist and DJ. Best case: to entertain myself and others. Worst case: to make ends meet somehow.

Favorite spot in Berlin?
In a train during the last ten minutes before arrival in Berlin. OR on the windowsill at Coffein-Bar (Neue Schoenhauser Str.) on a day in June, at around 2pm, with 2-3 people, talking rubbish or joking with passers-by (charmingly, of course), high on caffeine and incited by group dynamics.

What is in your heavy rotation?
Obits - I Blame You (Sub Pop), Wavves - s/t (Woodsist), Black Lips - 200 Million Thousand (Vice), Maayan Nidam - Night Long (PowerShovelAudio), ever since the sun has come back, Estelle, quite often - and, alarmingly?, quite a bit of Social Distortion.

What role does the internet play in your life?
It is an almost constant companion.

What do you see outside your window?
Not much, it's dark at the moment. Otherwise - trees and the house next door.

Your favorite piece of clothing at the moment?
The one I bought last.

You can view the full session at the Firmament website.


Text & Photos: Jörg Haas / Beinghunted