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The Animal Print Shop
22. August / Jörg / Photography
The Animal Print Shop
Owl by Sharon Montrose
Animal studio photographs by Sharon Montrose.

Sharon Montrose offers prints of her animal photographs in various sizes - for the smaller and the x-large wallet. My favorite - the forest animals and especially this owl which looks a little surprised (or amused?)...
Visit: The Animal Print Shop  |  Via: It's Nice That
UPDATE: TMA-1 Feature
09. August / Jörg / Features
Feature Update.

We just updated our AIAIAI TMA-1 Feature with an interview. Also - don't forget to stop by at Firmament this coming Wednesday for our launch event!
Italian Naval Blanket
09. August / Jörg / Accessories
Italian Naval Blanket
Italian Naval Blanket
Preparing for A/W II.

Cotton blankets aren't really warm enough for autumn & winter, quilts - well, they are either very expensive (Visvim...), not yet available (A.P.C.) or plain ugly, and many woolen alternatives are either too bland or too gaudy for my taste.

While browsing through the Manufactum catalogue the other day I found the above. Thank you, Manufactum, this search is now over.
VISIT: Manufactum
McCoy's Rambler Boot
01. August / Jörg / Footwear
McCoy's Rambler
McCoy's Rambler
Preparing for A/W.

I have been looking for a few footwear alternatives lately and during my study of one of the current Free & Easy issues I stumbled upon these nice looking sports boots by McCoy's. As always with the stuff that I like it appears as if these are not that easy to come by as they are Japan-only (plus only available up to a size 10). By the time I get to Japan in the fall I'm pretty sure that they will be gone.

Thus... the search goes on...
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