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Visvim Foley Lo-Folk
17. February / Jörg / Footwear
Visvim Foley Lo-Folk
Visvim Foley Lo-Folk
New footwear for spring - whenever that starts...

I like the Tennis Classic and the Stan Smith, but I am taking the Foley home with me... I could write a couple of lines on the construction, the cork footbed, the leather, etc. etc. but you know all about that already. It simply is a beautiful shoe and the above image shows exactly what I like about it the most - the deep navy colorway and its crisp white leather arch support and outsole. Even though I am not a big fan of Velcro myself I must admit that those three straps provide for a nice clean look.
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Visvim Foley Lo-Folk
Adam Port: "No Pain" / Keinemusik
11. February / Jörg / Music
No Pain!
Adam Port: "No Pain" - new track on the upcoming Keinemusik compilation "Workparty One".

Adam has been teasing us all with his "No Pain" posts all over the net and just last night he finally let the cat out of the bag. "No Pain" is his contribution to the upcoming compilation on one of Berlin's hottest labels at the moment: Keinemusik.

I have the pleasure of providing you with the link to this track at Soundcloud! Check it out and get the complete album on March 23th.
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No Pain...
06. February / Jörg / Mystery
No Pain...
No Pain...
This "No Pain..." photo has been floating around on Facebook and Twitter for a few days now. Today I had it in my inbox, too...

... I have a slight idea of what this might be about - but more soon, when the fact(s) become clearer...
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Stüssy XXX. Anniversary - Firmament
05. February / Jörg / Anniversary
Stüssy XXX. Anniversary - Firmament
Firmament / Stüssy World Tribe 1980 - 2010
Stüssy Japan reveals the first group of XXX. commemorative T-shirts!

I can truly say that I'm psyched to see this T-shirt! I had done a special Beingstüssy design for the XXV. anniversary but this one is the absolute highlight! For me, Stüssy is the one brand that triggered everything... Beinghunted and all that followed...

My design is a reminiscence of the classic Stüssy Tribe jacket that I had seen in Berlin a long time ago when it came out. Unfortunately I couldn't afford it at the time so now this T-shirt will have to serve as some sort of a compensation.

I'm looking forward to its release and I'm sure we'll put something nice together at Firmament for that date!
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Jeff Koons Beach Towel
04. February / Jörg / Needs a Vacation
Jeff Koons Beach Towel
Jeff Koons Beach Towel
Who needs a vacation? Raise your hand! - then lower it, grab your beach equipment and head south!

I stumbled upon this beach towel while browsing through the Fantasticman website. Since Berlin has been covered in snow from day one of 2010 I can't stop thinking about spending time in the sun. "Sun" - that's that yellow circle that I can remember from... from...? Well, that used to be there once. This towel reminded me of the sun or vacationing...

Anyway, should you have a vacation planned or should you be lucky enough to live near a beach, the above seems like a nice item to lie on.
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