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  Arc'teryx Veilance A/W 2010-2011

In October we hosted the official launch of the A/W 2010-2011 collection at Firmament in Berlin. For the occasion we had planned on setting up an installation in our front room that would provide for an adequate stage for the Arc'teryx Veilance project.

Back in July we met with Conroy and Reto from Arc'teryx and creative director Stephen Mann to discuss the upcoming presentation of Veilance at Firmament. Our initial ideas circled around the notion of creating an experience for customers that would be visually strong, but also engaging in its physicality. Since the functional aspects of Arc'teryx pieces play an important role in the concept for the collection, we felt that this point should also be communicated through our presentation. The resulting set-up was to showcase the project, offer a look at a key functionality of the apparel and provide for a surrounding to present a more visual, stylized approach towards Veilance.

In the following four months, our rather vague ideas became more concise - water as the focal point of our concept. After a few relatively moderate approaches we decided to go all the way... to fill the front room with water to create a natural surface for a projection of a Veilance collection video. From past experiences it's quite seldom that an idea can be carried out from initial thought to final production without making compromises. Luckily, and with the great support from all parties involved, this project was such a rare occurrence.

Three days before our launch, the actual basin was built using a three layer Gore-Tex® fabric as a fully waterproof base to keep the floor and the rest of our store dry. The dark surface created an amazing mirror image of the back-lit description panel and provided for a smooth surface for the video projection from the ceiling – an adequate entry to the main room where the full Arc'teryx Veilance collection was on display.

Even though the water installation had become an integral part of our store, we had to dismantle it after the two-week presentation. The full Veilance collection, however, stayed and since the sudden approach of snow has enjoyed its well deserved attention. Apart from our showcase, we'd also like to point out two very recent publications that feature extensive stories on Arc'teryx and the Veilance project - Inventory Magazine from Vancouver and 032c Magazine from our hometown of Berlin.

Thanks to Arc'teryx for the great support and willingness to go through with this rather daring idea!

Jörg / Beinghunted.

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