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SlamJam 20th Anniversary - Rolex
21. April / Jörg / Anniversary
SlamJam 20th Anniversary Rolex
SlamJam Rolex
Happy Anniversary: SlamJam!

20 years in business is definitely a worthy occasion for a great timepiece such as this custom Rolex Oyster Submariner 14060. Not for sale...
Visit: SlamJam
Gyakusou Nike Zoom Structure 14 +
09. April / Jörg / Footwear
Gyakusou - Nike Running & Undercover Japan
Nike Zoom Strucutre 14 + Gyakusou
Nike Running & Undercover Lab Japan: Gyakusou International Running Association - Nike Zoom Structure 14 +.

The Nike Zoom Structure 14 + will be released with the new Gyakusou spring/summer running gear this Monday, April 11th. For me this shoe – as well as the previous model in the G.I.R.A. line, the Lunar Spider + – marks a turning point. I believe that the next wave of popular athletic shoes will actually be 'real' performance styles in 'solid' colorways. One can actually run in them but they are also great worn casually. Just as it was when people were first buying performance sneakers such as the Air Max 95s to be worn with vintage Levi's or Evis Genes.

This new Nike Zoom Structure 14 + will launch at Firmament on Monday and will be sold through all Nike Running / Gyakusou retailers globally... I don't know if I can wait that long, though...
Visit: Firmament Berlin
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Gyakusou - Nike Running & Undercover Japan
Gyakusou - Nike Running & Undercover Japan
Beinghunted - Facebook
03. April / Jörg / Social Networks
Beinghunted at Facebook
Nike White Dunk
Beinghunted / Facebook.

A few days ago I revived the Beinghunted Facebook presence. On Facebook we'll be posting photos from the past ten years - some of which we've used for our stories and features and others which have not yet been published online. What else we'll come up with...? We'll see. There is plenty in our archive and lots to talk about in the future!
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