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Lotus Amen/Evora by Paul Snowden  

December 2011 saw the launch of the Lotus Evora Project by Munich-based creative agency Full Contact.

In the early 1990s creatives in New York, London and Tokyo were paving the way for young artists to cross over from the established gallery/art circles into the fields of product design. Whether it'd be clothing or home-ware, beverages or cosmetics, artist series and collaborations have become common elements in today's retail world. A bit too common, maybe...

For the launch of their new playgroundin Munich, Germany, and slightly bored with mediocre colabs and the retro-trend that still dominates car design and sneaker cosmos, Full Contact invited artist Paul Snowden together with local sneaker heads AMEN Store, to really mix things up: a high octane car and a performance running shoe - The new Lotus Evora and the Nike iD Lunar Glide + 3.

Paul Snowden created a vehicle which - in contrast to many highly non-public/virtual-only "artist editions" - will surprise its audience by being visible, accessible and actually being 'in use'. With a close connection to Munich's premium sneaker retailer AMEN, Snowden morphed the Lotus Evora's shell into a highspeed projection of the store's logo (also designed by Snowden) with a dazzling effect. AMEN in return remixed one of Nike's most recent performance highlights to match the aesthetics of the car: 25 pairs of of the Nike iD Lunar Glide + 3 Amen/Evora were given to friends, family and special guests at the launch event in Munich.

Watch out for Lotus Amen/Evora showcases and test drives across Europe during some of the highlights in fashion, design, art and athletics in the first quarter of 2012.


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