toys - maharishi identifiers

finally, they are here - or almost. but it's only just a matter of hours now. even if you have successfully avoided kubricks in the past, there is no way around these. the first set in the identifiers series includes 6 figures with different camouflage prints. among those - tiger stripe, futura splinter, bonsai forest, and desert hex. some of these patterns you might have already seen on maharishi clothing but on these little fellas (think of the scale!) they are even more fascinating to look at. a note at the side - yes, these should stand like that. on the head.

identifiers | get them here from october

retrospect - nike terminator

so we went through our archives today - and just in time for the re-release of the terminator we found this... the pics are from 1998 but you all know (and will be able to tell) that the shoes are from 1985. thing is - we have no clue how those (only the photos) came into our possession. please, if you know who took them - or if you even know who owns these shoes now, drop us a note. and now: sit down, take a deep breath and hit that link.

that link | you know...?

event - nike in paris

hello. just a short little bit on a nike event - you probably don't even care about this but maybe 1 or 2 people do. there will be an event in paris on the 8th of october. no, it has nothing to do with lasers. it has something to do with 'white'. it's the 'white dunk' event. maybe you have time to check it out. maybe not. your decision. thank you for your attention.

flyer | less info?

art - r. maurice aka 'the gasface'

"my focus on drawing trees began from an article i read, apparently genetically modified trees were developed to grow plastic. this, linked with my concern for the environment and my love of nature, lead me to think about renewable energy. if we could harness nature's power in a way to provide clean organic energy, the human race could find utopia. ibelieve the technology exists to develop this now but doubt it is commercially viable (earth-killing fossil fuels are maybe too important to the mainframe of our society). 50% nature 50% people, with free food and power."
for 5 years russel maurice has been the head of design at maharishi - now he's gone part time to concentrate on painting. and his t-shirts are selling through japanese websites alongside bape and supreme! congratulations.

new technology needed | the gasface | shutzmarket

bghd feature - rabbit & redtree

if you have emailed us in the past couple of weeks and haven't heard from us since then, please don't be angry with us. we've been busy with this... our first artist feature. as our first 'target', we asked rabbit & redtree from nyc (see also april '03) to tell us about themselves, their work, and their favourite hunting grounds. and since beinghunted is all about getting stuff, we also asked them to collaborate with us on an exclusive t-shirt design. so, here it is: the feature and the t-shirt. enjoy. and: we'll answer those emails asap.

rabbit & redtree feature | rabbit & redtree t-shirt

maha toys - andy warhol

packaged in a perspex blister pack with silver backing (a reference to the silver walls of andy's studio) this pack contains... we'll show you that later... first read this: andy warhol is back - brought to us by maha toys who are starting their series of c20th artists with the godfather of pop art - andy warhol. what you get is a kubrick of andy, a bearhol, sam the cat (from one of warhol's lithographs), and the banana from the velvet underground and nico's famous album cover. if you're into bananas - you can also get a plush version of it in three different sizes. release date is november, so you still have a few weeks to do your homework on andy warhol. his diary his highly recommended. ok, so here is what you get...

warhol toys | dp mhi

skateboards - rasa libre

michael leon is the art director for rasa libre skateboards, a new skateboard company that just joined the deluxe family of krooked, real, anti hero, et al. we could tell you that matt field, nate jones, and reese forbes are on the team. we should tell you about the new board constructions and printing techniques that let rasa libre stand out from the rest of the skate industry. but since we started the bit with michael leon as the art director, you are probably only going to listen to what we have to say about the graphics... consider these decks to be already hanging on our walls.

the graphics | rasa libre | deluxe

monthly - relax #80 adidas

this month's issue of relax we'll just call the 'adidas' issue. yes, you can judge a book (magazine in this case) by its cover. #80 will tell you everything about adidas. and in relax's terms this means: all of the important people (all of them), all of the important shoes, many of the important pieces of clothing, all of the important buildings, adi dassler's house & the dassler family's grave, the logo sketches, adidas' role in b-boy culture, the most important/influential advertisements, and an extra part on adidas uk and the bape x adidas collaboration. this time we'll only show you sample pages from the adidas feature. except for one. find out which one and find out what relax #80 has to offer besides adidas.

sample pages


events - xlr8r

will nyc ever stop partying? this year it won't... after fotb, and the laser cuts, people moved on to the 10th anniversary party of xlr8r magazine. it wasn't just booze and beats - it was more of a showcase of 10 years of cultural stimuli. of course, 'the present' was the dominant subject with displays of a great selection of t-shirts, sneakers, and art. other than that you missed a lot of good music, photography, interviews, and live action painting. we have some live action stills for you.

stills | xlr8r


tees - goodfoot

goodfoot have been busy producing goodtees. with their designs they keep to what they do best and know best - sneakers & the people who live with/for/in them. you can choose from a variety of subjects - horror/b-movie type references, tribute shirt, a slogan/statement shirt, and the goodfoot logo shirt. take a look and get outlook started.

gdft tees
| email to order

entertainment - the kid america adventure hour

basically, this could have been a quick post, as well. it should be as it is important - to get the info out to you quickly. but we took our time to take some screen-shots for our archive for the generations to come. the kid america website has been up and running for a while... without the key elements, though: a more in-depth description of the characters, and - what you guys have been waiting for - a shop. now here it is. all 'kids' get their introduction via short movie clips, and you get your tee, stickers, and cd. we're all happy now.

the screens | kid america site


kicks 2 - clas/sick, soled out, ubiq

sneakers and art - we had that last month with dave white who does paintings. this month we'll show you photographs. gerald watson and his partner the photographer andrew elwell have started a series called clas/sick collections with shots of sneakers, toys, t-shirts, skateboards, and video game sets. their sneaker collection were on display at ubiq in philly - if you missed them, you'll get another chance at 'soled out' on september 10th in nyc. and while we're at it, check the ubiq website. they've opened up their online store and this might just be the only place in the us from where you can order mad foot (daaam!) online.

| soled out | ubiq

kicks 1 - bghd picks of the month(s)

this used to be our favourite bit on bghd, but times have been crazy and in our opinion it was time to step back and watch...

apart from the dunk which so many people learnt to love and which quite a few now hate, many other fresh models and colourways appeared and are yet to come. one of the best sneakers to be pampered by nike and co. this year has to be the huarache light. and when we picked up the latest issue of collezioni (bghd recommends!) we just couldn't resist scanning that one page. take a look and tell us what's different about those stussys. sometimes they should stick with the prototype colours...

then the bape x adidas. even though it's a superstar, which many heads wouldn't touch wearing gloves, you got to appreciate the quality and details. now we're waiting for the rainbow snake super ape skate... the af1 'variant' with a star - commonly know as the bape sta - might be the most requested shoe here at bghd. tons of colours - some even better than nike can come up with. we'll give you a bit more info on these later this month...

we'll close this post with the highly anticipated 'laser cut' or 'tattoo'd' (as we like to call this style) af1 (or dunk, or cortez, or jordan). in general, good idea, not too new though as some of you might know from trips to morocco where you can get leather bags, belts and maybe even shoes with a similar treatment everywhere. as always with new things, people tend to overdo it. same here. cut back on the amount of tattoos and you'll have a great shoe. or leave the shoes plain as they are. the colour schemes of those laser cuts are the best nike has come up with in a long time...

the pic(k)s in no particular order |
more laser cuts

statement - yes i...

am not from brooklyn. that's one of the designs that the new label 'yes i' has just issued to the t-shirt market (stackhouse in nyc being one of these 'markets'). so we see a new development here - protest t-shirts or anti-statements on t-shirts in a slightly different context than what we're used to. while back in the days people would put things like 'make peace not war' or 'against racism' on their shirts we now see slogans like 'no dunks', 'these are not from ebay', or 'i'm not from brooklyn' on people's chests. a slight shift in priorities should be noted here, maybe? whatever, right? and aNYthing is correct about the dunks...

yes i...


triumvirate - bape x answer x bodé

the creative people behind parkwalk have a new project called 'answer'. we told you that. we also showed you their key visual last month. only thing left to tell you/show you is their output. so here it is. answer will start their line with a big bang - in the form of a collaboration with a bathing ape and the bodé foundation. a number of bodé's classic characters have been made into t-shirt designs and will be served to the public through the regular bape outlets. here are a few pics of the ones currently available in japan. watch out for the rest of the designs later on.

the tees | need more info?


merchandise - nike x geoff mcfetridge triax 50

a couple of months ago, fatlace showed us the first result of nike's collaboration with geoff mcfetridge - a sample of the gm dunk low. while waiting for that shoe to drop (hopefully it will), nike are giving us another gm product - the ltd. edition triax 50 watch. when it first came out this watch set new standards regarding ergonomics, design, and packaging. if you missed buying the triax back then, you shouldn't miss this one. here are the stats: 2 colours - blue & orange, ltd. to 2000 pieces (400 in the US), numbered back plate with gm signature logo, gm camouflage pattern on watch & straps, plus a gm camouflage pattern hip bag. it will be available early september. you will get it.

gm triax watch & bag | gm triax package | (


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