Design Contest
- use the provided template to
  create a pair of Coarsetoys surf
- win one Coarsetoys figure set


Only 300 of each set (there are three) will go on sale at the Coarsetoys website. Nowhere else...

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Coarsetoys - they hit the toy sphere last year with a publication (I hate my Job*) that had people wonder. Wonder whether the depicted figures were only digital renderings or the actual handiwork of one insane sculptor. When the first physical figures started appearing it was clear - these were for real.

Back then you had to be incredibly lucky to get a hold of one of the very few hand-made pieces of art. And incredibly wealthy, too. The feedback on this first Da Nasty Breed set was overwhelming and had the guys at Coarsetoys think... to find a way to let more people enjoy their figures which meant to find an adequate partner.

Vans instantly recognized the value of this project and agreed to help out in the production of the first (limited) set of figures which are now sporting Vans footwear. And we're not talking about some random representation of a shoe with a Vans logo on it. The figures are wearing the real things... in miniature. With every tiny detail that the shoes have to offer in real life, too.

But that's only one aspect of these figures. The complete pack might knock you out... Each set inlcudes one body with a diverse set of interchangeable parts - extra pants, extra legs, extra head(s), extra shirt, etc. If you want us to start talking about the packaging and promotional materials... we would need to start a new website -

Coarsetoys are giving away two sets in the context of a design competition that is running parallel on Rift Trooper and our site. Here is a warning, though: if you win one edition you will need the rest, too...

Get working now and good luck!

In order to win one of the Coarsetoys sets you need to get your pens, pencils, brushes, chalks, paintshops, photoshops, illustrators, or freehands ready... We would like you to come up with a special design or pattern for the figure's shorts. Here is what you do:

1) Download the zipped .EPS file

2) Color-in or do whatever necessary to create your design

3) Convert your design to a .JPG or .GIF file ( < 500 K)

4) Send your file together with your name and a short
    description of your design

5) Do all of the above until August 22nd 2004

From all entries we will pick one winning design which will be displayed here.*

*by sending in your design you agree to the transfer of the copyright of your design to Beinghunted. You also agree to the publishing of your design on the Beinghunted website.

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