Three winners will receive a Caliroots / Parra package including T-shirt and buttons.

- July 1st

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Welcome to our Cali presents Parra competition. Parra is the graphic genious behind Rockwell clothing and Caliroots in Stockholm is the store/gallery which hosted his exhibition until June 22nd.

Mr. Parra is also responsible for a soon-to-be-released Nike Air Max 1B. In our slideshow you will see a first sample of it (a different one will be released, though). You can also see the T-shirts with a similar shape on them (those are the ones we're giving away). In order to win one of three T-shirts and some Rockwell buttons you would need to know what the inspiration was for Parra's first design/color scheme of the Air Max 1B on display.

Here is a hint - go food shopping in the Netherlands. Ok - you'll find a more precise briefing on the right...

Thanks to Caliroots for this competition!

*entries missing information will not take part in the Prize Draw

Competition Question:

What is the name of the largest Dutch supermarket chain which the first color scheme of Parra's Nike Air Max 1B is closely related to? [Hint: there are two words in the name].


The supermarket chain we were looking for was

Albert Heijn.


* Gianluca C.
* Sebastiaan v.K.
* Jay L.

Congratulations! Your packages will be sent out shortly.
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