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It would be a bit much to say that 'we saved the best for last', but from all the commemorative products which have been released in this, Stüssy's XXV. anniversary year, we're definitely the most excited about our own project.

For one it is this website which will take the place of the regular Beinghunted homepage for a while to document this year's acitivites and products surrounding the XXV. celebrations. The other is a T-shirt with Stüssy which accompanies the site and reflects our relationship with the brand.

"Being Stüssy" for us captures best the spirit of the brand that caught so many of us 'back in the days'. It was this spirit that made you talk to a complete stranger who was wearing a Stüssy tee, it was this spirit that made us go berserk in order to find a World Tribe jacket, it was this spirit that so many other brands built upon ever since. It is this spirit that kept us from getting rid of vintage Stüssy pieces, it is this spirit that got us excited about the new collections, the sneakers - but also the music, the art, the creativity that is part of this culture which Stüssy almost single-handedly built!

Congratulations, once again, to Stüssy and a big THANKS for giving us this opportunity.


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XXV. Anniversary
With Stüssy's XXV. anniversary being almost over, we are going to look back at the various events that took place and some of the commemorative products.

During the next couple of weeks we'll be adding new contents to this site regularely.

Stüssy. 25-years
Beingstüssy will also be showing aspects of Stüssy's history. Stay tuned!

Please contact us if you would like to contribute.
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