Friday, 19th

GDEH UK. Foil Surprise T-shirts

From the forefathers of the four-letter-brand-name-abbreviation - Goodenough (UK) - comes this new t-shirt design concept: you choose the color and design of the shirt, you buy it completely wrapped in foil and then the surprise part follows... When you peel the foil back you will uncover the full print. Due to the process the actual print will differ from shirt to shirt. Also, when you wash it - and you're supposed to do this only by hand - the print will degrade slightly after each cyle. GDEH turned the negative aspect of wearing/maintaining a printed garment into a positive one and now you don't even have to worry about someone wearing the same tee as you.

The two surprise t-shirts "College" and "Space Hopper" (nice childhood memories connected to that one) are available at The Hideout in London from today. When you stop by there, keep your eyes open for the brand new Visvim Polkes and Paiks. Should you note a lightning mark on them, you better purchase these without a question (see our HF book review as a reference for this symbol)...

HF Book feature
Wednesday, 17th

What about. aNYthing

Yeah, what about it... This post is about aNYthing - or, better said - the t-shirt side of aNYthing. The images you see above were wired to us from a secret source. Thus we cannot tell you by whom they were sent and from where. Not even from which continent or which country. This time you have to find out yourself.

As you can see, these tees are for true connaisseurs. Straight-A's students of NY cultural studies. If you're not playing in that league, we believe that aNYthing would also appreciate your efforts, and by wearing their logo on the chest you'd at least help to spread the word. Even more so when this takes place across the big blue boundary that's the Atlantic... or Pacific? We're only assuming this, of course...

Tuesday, 16th

Sportsshow. Nike gallery

...just got back from the newly reopened Nike gallery on Elizabeth Street in NYC. The place that hosted the Reconstruct and Laser showcases. After renewals, the place now hosts a huge mass of nike basketball memorabilia, of course, with the mandatory model timeline. It's like a museum with the relaxed feel of a lounge or after-game hangout area for the players.

Only today, Nike showed a selection of the upcoming models and colorways for spring '04. There will be a relaunch of the teams series, we'll be getting track shoes for and from the Olympics, a couple more Mowabb inspired colorways (like the Escape), and the new Air Turbulence. And then, the Lasers will see a (more-or-less) general release. For those of you who waited - good call. These definitely are the nicer colorways. We'll only give you a quick look at those - not to dissappoint people who paid major $ on the first series too much (insert laughing smiley icon here).

Nike gallery: open Saturdays 1-6

Monday, 15th

Skateshows. Agnès B. & Shutzmarket

Two new shows which feature art on skateboards - one is 'skateboard artwork!' curated by Agnès B. at her Sport B. store in Paris - the other is called 'Realtiy Models' and will be on show at Shutzmarket in Antwerp. skateboard art! is already running so we can show you images of that, RM won't start until Friday 19th - but we can list a couple names and show you the flyer (with a sneak peek at a few boards): Kid Acne, Flying Fortress - wait a minute, him again? kid needs to slow down..., Miss Van, Seth Curtis, Pigeon, and so many more. The sites below give you the details. Don't forget your french dictionary though.

Slides: sa!
Info: sa!
Slides: RM
Info: RM
Wednesday, 10th

Printed Matter. Relax #83

The latest issue of Relax magazine is like an early Christmas present. It comes nicely wrapped in cover art by Yoko Kawamoto and has tons of goodies hidden inside. Just the thing to have around for those long winter nights. You get out your magnifying glass and study pages and pages full of clothing, shoes, gadgets, art, toys, and people. One of the most obscure things that we found this month is an ad by Honda. There you can see how to transform your car into a fleamarket stall. It seems like they are directly aiming at resellers with this? Ok, it could be for the regular 'flea-market sales-people' as well. But - and you really cannot see this in the scan - this guy is selling some hot items out of his car: Visvim FBTs, Stussy Huaraches, discontinued Reebok Pump Furys, etc.. Most bizarre: the changing room (5).

Tuesday, 9th

Collective. Metrofarm

Yes, it's the German week over here at BGHD. Berlin is the next stop on our tour through the Budesrepublik. There, we introduce you to Metrofarm, which we call a collective, since it's more than 2 people: Julia, Nunu, and Yoske.

So, what exactly is it that they do? Furniture and interiors, graphic design and textile design, t-shirts, hats and bags, and... just too much for us to give a complete list here. However, you can see (and buy) a few of their things at their Christmas bazaar 'Otterspirit'. People who have to stay home, but would still like to get something 'Metrofarm', can download their 'Otterspirit' poster (see the first slide). It comes in 4 sheets to be glued together to make a big one.


Poster 8~265kb)
Friday, 5th

Wearables. PriceLe$$

We first heard about PriceLe$$ when we met with Eric Elms in NYC in October. Then we saw it up on the schedule board at our screenprinter and when we put together our review for Beneath in Stockholm, it surfaced again. It has been following us for weeks now and finally caught up.

For this review, it would be easy to play on the priceless scheme - how priceless the designs are, how priceless the idea of it all is, etc. etc. But wouldn't that be just too shallow? Wait, stay down here. You can look at those images when we're done with this review, they won't go anywhere.

So, let's start with the people involved: Eric and Matt. Since childhood, they've always been involved with graphic design, or finger painting at that stage. Coping with all the visual stimuli, they both have been looking for the most appropriate means to bring to this world their interpretations of forms and colors. After a while... Ok, we'll cut the crap right here... Eric and Matt are involved in the following projects: Adorn, SSUR, aNYthing, Clarendon, and are affiliated with these retailers/manufacturers: Union, Supreme. You figure out who belongs where. Now, go click those arrows!

PriceLe$$ is available at these fine stores: Beneath, alife, Union, SSUR, ISA, HUF, Goods.

Wednesday, 3rd

The Wurst Gallery. Dishwasher Safe

These plates are safely to be cleaned in your dishwasher - should you plan on using them in your household. But we suggest you use your regular paper plates and hang these up on the wall or put them on your coffee/tea table. If, for some reason or another, you don't find anything you like among these plates, there will be diy kits on the Wurst's site.

The Wurst Gallery

Cc:room & Lodown. Vehicles Autistiques

'The ultimate kitmerging project' - is the subtitle for this art show. Put a hyphen between kit and merging and you'll get the picture. Skism, Marok, Anti, Fuman, and Pornographics threw away the instructions and started model-making on their own.

BGHD Calendar


The Lab 101. The Scrawl Collective

See - we told you about this. Now we tell you once more - The Scrawl Collective have just hit the West Coast of the US. It's the first time that these guys show their work together on that continent (what a big word) - and the first exhibit of the whole group for a year. So, that's a couple of reasons to go-see.


BGHD Calendar
Monday, 1st

Playtime. Kid America Toys

Of course, these new Kid America toys are worth more than 3 short lines in our Quick box. Last week we gave you a glimpse of these new figures. So here is our bigger review:

For those who don't know: The Kid America Adventure Hour is a television show that's running (well, it's been quite some time since the last epsiode...) on NYC's Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Tokyo's BAPE TV. Since every proper television show has it's own toys nowadays, the people at alife teamed up with Sony Creative Products Inc. to produce this first set of figures.

Even if you have never seen the show - probably 99% of the world population hasn't - you should get these figures now and maybe even produce your own KAAH.

Shop Kid America
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