Wenesday, 22nd

Art. Cali presents Parra

Rockwell clothing is a sleeping giant. It has been around for a while, now and then some designs surface in magazines or online, yet for the broader audience it is still to be discovered. What is so gigantic about Rockwell? The graphics. It is very seldom that a company has such a rich graphical pool to draw from. Not that there are dozens of designers working for Rockwell either, it's more or less a one man show (in terms of design) by this guy named Parra.

Today is the last day of Parra's exhibition at Caliroots in Stockholm. To mark this event, we'll show you what the space looks/looked like and we'll also have most of his artwork up in our slideshow.

If that's not enough, Caliroots were nice enough to provide us with three Parra packages to give away to three well-educated and lucky winners. How to win one? Follow the link to our competition. Before you go, you might want to check your knowledge on Dutch supermarkets, maybe? The question you will have to answer has something to do with it... as well as the soon-to-be-released Nike Air Max 1B also designed by Parra.

Wednesday, 15th

Cycling. nirve - Stüssy chopper

2005 is the year of Stüssy - in every way. With their 25th anniversary the Stüssy chapters all over the world have stepped up the game and are supplying us with excellent goods in a steady flow. Not only that but they are also throwing the best parties.

From the City of Angels, here is the latest - a collaboration with Nirve bikes and Mr Cartoon. As you can see, this chopper is not for the shy. We also recommend that if you plan on owning this bike you should consider your surroundings first. Outside of LA (SF, TYO, etc.) there could be some difficulties amongst your fellow riders, 'common folk', or motorcyclists to understand what this is about. It could become tiring to listen to comments and to explain.

No matter what the Nirve Stüssy Chopper is well worth it's price (~ Eur 800,-) even if you only pick it up to be displayed in your apartment. In regards to numbers - only 10 of these bikes will reach Germany (you do the math for the rest of the world) - only one per store. You will have the chance to grab one from Stussy.de shortly, too. Please note the regional sales restriction.

Thursday, 9th

Contest. SlamTRICK

As you can imagine from the number of updates over the past few days (weeks), things have been very hectic over here. We're not resting, that's for sure - new things in the making...

For the weekend, however, BGHD will re-locate to Marina die Ravenna for SlamTRICK, THE skateboard contest in Italy hosted by SlamJam. These three days are packed with concerts, a freestyle motocross demo, beach parties and - of course - the skateboard contests.

If you are around - drop by. Otherwise stay tuned for our report...

Friday, 3rd

Case. UNDFTD x Incase

There are people who are enthusiastic enough to spend hours waiting to buy a pair of sneakers. What they get for their money is a cardboard box and the shoes. Even though the box is in no way special to any other regular-edition shoe, it is almost as important as its content - in terms of the collector's value, of course. Why then have we only seen a handful of special boxes (Nike HTM, adidas Super Ape Stars) that did the shoes inside a bit of justice?

Undefeated have considered this issue for their upcoming release of their
M-AJ4. To provide the shoe with the proper 'packaging' they teamed up with Incase - the largest supplier for laptop/iPod cases. The case features heavy-duty nylon, an aeromesh interior and a carry-handle. Very appropriate for a high-class piece of footwear as this one.

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