You just finished your own website. What role does the internet play for you - on a professional level and a private one?

Workwise it's hard to avoid the internet. I get nervous if I don't check my eMail for a day. I never really knew if I wanted to have a site or not, I still don't. I guess its something you just eventually do. I look at it as just another medium to explore and mess around with. There is a nice quality to it. Other than professionally you can see some crazy shit on the WWW. I like seeing all the random things you can buy and weird stuff you can look up. I run out of sites to look at though.

Do you feel that over the years the internet has had a positive effect on what is going on - regarding stores, products, art & design?

I think it's a double-edged sword. A lot of random Ideas I have are sparked off some weird thing I saw online. I check out all the cool-guy blogs to see what they have to say. I think a few of them are good. Even in NYC I probably wouldn't run into half of that stuff in person so its nice to see what other people are working on. At the same time I think it creates the illusion of too many real brands. Brands that couldn't exist without their hype on the internet. The brands that are successful are the ones that are honest and have a theme and mission within them. That shows right away. I don't think the market will support this many mediocre things going on for that long.
Some years ago we engaged in a sneaker trade. Are you still into sneakers or collecting anything?

I have a bunch of "items & objects" but I try and collect the things that I really appriciate and like. People get caught up in the hype of everything and end up spending too much money on ugly things. I tend to like things that come from people I know because there is a personal connection there. I won't not wear a pair of shoes cause its raining out.

Personal Background

You are from California originally. What made you leave the sunny & relaxed atmosphere for the hectic and loud metropolis that is NYC?

I love California, but just not to live. San Diego is a little slow paced for me and I can't really handle the scene in LA. New York is more like home to me at this point. It's hard to get used to somewhere else now.

What do you miss most about California, what do you like best about being in NYC?

It's really easy to get caught up in the rat race of New York. Sometimes you forget there is more to life then work and doing the next big T-shirt collab. Its easier to do nothing in San Diego, but you end up getting nothing done. New York makes you work. If you want to get lazy there are 10 kids who want your job and will work for half the pay. Watch out!
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