Through Nike+ you can invite friends to race against you, the results being displayed within the personal sections on the website. Collecting data to be 'used' virtually, sure enough opens a whole new spectrum of applications for this technology - Mark Parker:

"I think the applications and the content will get richer and richer as we go forward. The creative folks within Nike have been developing new ideas together with the people from Apple and there is a lot of creative synergy between the two companies. What you see in the first introduction of this product is just the beginning. We're working on generation two and three at the moment and we're hoping it gets more people to participate. [...] What I think is going to be interesting is how people are actually going to use this. Steve (Jobs) and I were talking about this the other day, and we were talking to people who have used it since just this week. They have ideas what they would want to do with it. We are going to keep really close with the folks who us the product and learn from them."

Paula Radcliffe and Lance Armstrong truly are great athletes – both of them have already been using Nike+. But what about the people in the audience at the Nike+ launch – all mainly from the 'lifestyle' camp...? After a few conversations it
became clear that not all of us were actually runners. We all had – at one point or another – tried to put our sneakers to their original use. Not many had stayed with it. After a quick test-run, however, the common notion seemed to be "let's go", "let's use this and see who's best". Besides the application, it was also the shoe itself which captured people's excitement. While so many performance-based sneakers tend to look just like that – performance-based sneakers – the Nike Zoom Moire is definitely also a very stylish shoe. Maybe even a bit too stylish, too easily adaptable for 'lifestyle' purposes... - Mark Parker:

"I don't see a problem in the shoe crossing over into lifestyle. I believe that many people who use it as a performance shoe would probably also use it casually. That being said, we'd like to encourage people to use it for workout purposes. But to have a lifestyle version of it wouldn't seem to be a bad idea either. If you're careful I don't think one compromises the other."

We'll see what happens to the special edition of the Nike Zoom Moire which was handed out to the guests at the launch event. We know that at least one pair was put to the test the next morning. Hopefully we'll see the rest of them sometime soon... on the road.
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