Overview 2007.
  UNKLE - James Lavelle & Richard File
We caught up with the guys once again to talk about their latest album, life in general, and the dark places they have been since Never, Never Land.
Apart from the interview we will also be launching a special UNKLE competition with The-Glade on December 3rd.

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  Bagjack Beinghunted Messenger bags
To mark the 10 year anniversary of Bagjack and as a follow-up to our first set of Bagjack Beinghunted Messenger bags, we are happy to present a set of six new bags to be released on Friday, June 22nd through The-Glade.com.

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Even though looking back might seem nostalgic and unprogressive I belive that it is necessary to know the past in order to be able to be innovative in the present, for the future. In order to be able to judge on the relevance of things which are sold to us as 'new' or 'exciting' we need to know what has already been done...

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  Tetsu Nishiyama / TET - WTAPS
What do you know about the designers of the clothes you are wearing today? What do you know about their intentions, the inspiration for the collections, or for that particular piece you have on? Find out about the creator behind famous Japanese label WTAPS.

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  Nike Air Force 1 XXV * 1tholgoy
Beinghunted had a chance to preview the new Air Force 1 1thology website. To celebrate the XXV anniversary and the launch of 1thology we have something special to give away, too.

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Firmament - Visvim