JÖRG:   Since when have you been using the internet and how do use it in private and for your job? Do you look for specific information, do you browse – search randomly?

TET:       I haven't really been using the internet for that long but ever since the .MAC software was released, I've been taking full advantage of the network in my atelier. The functions of iCal, iPhoto, iTunes and iChat have connected our staff closely and it has created a whole new network system. As more people around me started using a Macintosh I started using the internet just as a logical step.

To expand on this, only until a couple of years ago in Japan, computers as a necessity weren't as common and were only used if someone needed to study a particular subject or if they had a large budget. When Macintosh began to standardize the system, computers started being widely used as well as the fact that Japanese content based software finally started being released.

I joined a website called 'Honeyee.com' from which I run a blog and am sometimes asked for interviews from web magazines like this as well as magazines from outside of Japan. On these occasions, I need to make full use of the internet. For me, using the internet is like making a phone call to my friends in my own time (I don't know if that's good or bad but this private phone call eventually connects to my job).

I use the internet or emails whenever I need to.

At the same time I don't just accept everything or rely on just information that I find on the internet and usually when I'm searching for something, it is just for my archives.

J:    In your opinion, what are the differences in working with a digital medium as the internet and a 'real' magazine?

T:    There is no comparison - they have totally different functions. Media on the internet is able to store and share an archive of data. Printed magazines cannot because they actually exist in our life.

J:    In what ways does a reader's perception of the contents of these two channels – online and print – differ?

T:    It's hard for me to answer this question because I don't think one can compare the two. For me personally I feel that printed forms of media are more valuable because they are things that I can own and hold in my hands.