2007: September.
Philosophy Zine #4
Philosophy Zine has been 'at its height' every single issue - so maybe it's a good move to stop now?

José Parla & Futura Interview
Futura and José Parlá exhibited in London recently for their Pirate Utopias show at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.

Nic Fensom
Since Nic last checked in with us, he has been doing a lot of work in New York, shooting friends and family!

2007: August.
Visvim E-Cat Messenger Bag et al.
A great addition to Visvim's superb line of bags and accessories - the E-Cat Messenger bag and Nez Perce backpacks...

2007: July.
But Please Fuck The System
adidas and TNT recordings: “But Please Fuck The System ” presented at Firmament.