Visvim Vintage

Tokio, Japan / Berlin, Germany
It is not a secret that Visvim is one of my most favourite brands to come out of Japan. I've been wearing FBTs since 2003, been sporting the backpack, clothing, burning the candles, reading the catalogues, etc. etc. If I had had more money, I would have collected even more stuff; especially the backpacks.

As with jeans, I find (well, actually, 'found'...) it very difficult to source a bag that is just the right size to hold the daily stuff one has to carry around, including Powerbook, cables, camera and the odd magazine or folder. Not over or undersized, padded, safe for electronics, ergonomic, etc.. The "20" proved to be just perfect in every way...

The first Visvim backpack was actually a gift, and a great one, too - the Shaker model. Unfortunately, due to the fabric, I became a bit reluctant to put it to heavy use. The second one was the Hypatex/Elk which has been with me for two years now. Every day, everywhere.

As mentioned, I missed out on several other models. The Northern Isle is probably my favourite, and maybe even the most sought after. And then, of course, the Trekker. Visvim's first backpack and now close to being a collectors item.

Luckily, through our involvement with Firmament, we were able to source a few of these vintage gems. So at least I had a chance to take a close look and photograph them. To be added to the Beinghunted archive.

Text: Jörg Haas | Photo: © Firmament. All rights reserved.

Visvim Vintage

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